Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sara Varon, part 2

Last week I had the pleasure of an evening of Crafts and Snacks with Sara Varon. She's very organized and has already conceived of and silkscreened her 2008 New Year's pack for sending to clients and friends. I admire Sara's orderly approach to her work, and it was satisfying for me to watch her assembly-production line. She's very careful and focused with what she is doing, and I could see that she approaches all parts of her process-- even repetitive tasks like folding and sticking adhesive goo in her cards-- with the same care that she puts into her illustration work.

(click on photos to see expanded and in detail)

Having a cozy craft night with Sara made me feel like we were a pair of friendly creatures doing a project, which is often a theme in her work. She and I are from a similar gene pool (see photo), and so in this case we have an intra-species friendship.