Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama in the Garment District


Even two weeks after the election, it's still sinking in-- and how thrilling to see these additions to the windows in my studio neighborhood!

I love that someone Photoshopped the Obama Family "sitting in the lawn" of the White House (see upper right poster in window). I believe in the power of creating an image in the service of helping to envision something before it becomes real.

Now there are endless variations of three dimensional Obama objects for sale here, and everywhere. Products sprung out quickly and are now ubiquitous. I wonder how Barack himself feels about the spectrum of Obama Stuff available... and if they'll soon have Obama Perfume and Colognes for (whole)sale here too.

Perfume is a common item for sale in the Garment District (it's the invisible garment, is it not?). As an addendum... a day after I finished the above entry wondering when we'd see Obama perfume, there it was!

Smells like... hope? change? And when applied, it activates the wearer's ability to achieve his or her full potential and thus become excellent.