Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Bird Machine

Last week I visited my pal Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine. Among his many talents as an artist, Jay designs and prints silk screen posters here at the shop where he works with fellow Artist and Printer, Mat Daly. They are sometimes accompanied by Jay's Dad, Jack Ryan. Here are some photos I took during my visit.

I love to visit The Bird Machine because the atmosphere there is friendly, full of humor, and is buzzing with possibility. Since I've known Jay (from high school Art class in the late 80's) he has had a strong, graphic approach to the marks he makes. It's rewarding to see how he has developed this sensibilty, and I marvel that he created a place- the well-oiled The Bird Machine- to manifest this vision and approach to his work.

I've only discovered silkscreen printing for myself a few years ago, and love the inks, the flatness and texture of the color on the paper, and the process of printing itself. At The Bird Machine, it's exciting to see this process so alive and relevant to every day. And it's inspiring to see how the Bird Machine Artists (which also includes not-picture-here-artist/illustrator Diana Sudyka) use this medium with very appealing results.